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Plisse Shades

If you have a room which gets a heavy dose of sunlight, then a plisse shade could be the perfect solution, giving you protection from the direct sunlight while still allowing your rooms to remain light and airy.


  • Plisse shades (also called pleated shades) are the workhorse of window treatments. They offer privacy, insulation and light control for any window type.  

  • One of the best features of Plisse shades is the insulation that they add to the window. The long, open channels trap air at the window, insulating the room from the hot summer air and the cold winter winds.
  • Light control is another positive feature of Pleated shades.  From semi-opaque light-filtering fabrics to light-blocking opaque fabrics, Plisse shades offer a variety of light control options.


  • XL Pleat pleated fabrics distinguish themselves by a
  • 25mm pleat.
  • Available in various qualities, colors.
  • Even technical fabrics give XL Pleat a decorative effect. The patented system is especially designed for these25mm pleated fabrics.

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