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Compliment your Windows with Vertical Blinds

Compliment your Windows with Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the best choice to enhance windows appearance

There are different factors that need to be taken care of when you are planning to design or remodel your home or office. The most important thing to decide upon is revamping your windows. Furnishing them will add radiant look to your place. Window treatment is crucial because it is the way from where light enter or leave your place. The trendy way of covering up your windows is using blinds. They are popular because the overall look of home or office is entirely changed using them. The other benefit being it gives better protection from harmful UV rays and scorching heat of summer.

Blinds help to protect the texture and color of the furniture, the curtains and the carpets that are present in the room. They help by protecting these products from direct attack of harmful rays that comes from direct sunlight usually in the afternoon time. It protects by filtering the light getting in. The upholstery can also be maintained beautifully with the use of blinds because they are protected from exposed rays. And there will be no chance of losing or fading color of your favorite upholster.

To keep your home or office well insulated and comfortable blinds also prevent the harsh UV rays from getting inside and at the same time allow right amount of heat and light to enter in your space. During winter season, when the weather turns colder you can control the blinds in such a way that there is adequate amount of light and heat allowed to enter the home or office.

Vertical blinds are certainly the best choice for those looking to enhance their window’s appearance. They look attractive that is the reason they are very much appreciated in homes as well as offices. The vanes or slats in Vertical blind are commonly available in two different sizes either 3.5 inches (89mm) or 5 inches (127mm). The 127mm wide vertical blinds were frequently used in offices from a long time. However, nowadays the blind slat with 89 mm width has gained immense popularity in modern office and home alike.

Vertical blinds used along with stylish curtains can give traditional appeal to the room. It brings out soft and very interesting layered look to any room be it your living room, dining room or bedroom etc. Vertical blinds are used predominantly in sun rooms, tree nursery and special conservatory rooms.  It is easy to maintain privacy using vertical blinds. Not only that, they are also very useful in giving full protection from strong sunlight.

Angling the slats in different positions gives degrees of light and shading. It also provides privacy when the slats are angled to various levels. For easy handling, the functions of a vertical blind can be kept either on the right or left of the head rail. It will make things easier for controlling the functionalities. This type of blind is user friendly and easy to operate.

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Elegantly Decorate Your Windows with Roman Blinds

Elegantly Decorate Your Windows with Roman Blinds

Decorate Your Windows with Roman Blinds

Decorating your windows with Roman style blinds is a cost-effective yet enthralling idea. They are elegant and stylish adding glamour to your home. Nowadays it’s quite a difficult task to get something which is pleasant and at the same time not too expensive. They have existed from a long time in the history and are one of the most popular choices among blinds. They are mounted using a hard board attached at the top of a window. Unlike rolling up, when a cord is pulled the blinds are folded up in sections. The cord is placed next to the side of the blind. They are identical to the roller blinds in terms of functionality. Folding up or dropping down roman blinds is very easy. They are look fancier adding true value to your interior decoration.

Roman shades consist of two types of folds. The formal style Roman blind stays flat when it is lowered and when it is pulled up it gets neatly folded up. The classic style roman blinds are beautifully tailored to stack when folded up and they remain flat upon lowering down.

Roman blinds consist of more different styles such as cuffed hems and curved hems. These styles usually gives display of half pulled up blind. They are classy in design and overall look and presence.

Usually blinds are made from many different materials. The most common material used in making such blinds is polyester material. These are much easier to clean with compare to fabric blinds. Polyester material makes it easy for such blinds to fold easily. They hang elegantly in type of size of window. Bamboo roman blinds are also a huge hit with many people. Because they give vintage look and feel to your home. Roman blinds matches superbly with your home décor and it is a great idea to enhance your interiors with their help.

To give your room a very warm or soft look blinds are equipped with block-out material that prevents harmful UV rays entering in your home. These blinds are translucent that allows the soft sunlight entering your space. You can select from a wide variety of curtain material designs depending on the type of room. They are easier to select because the roman shades comes in different variety of color and design, just like any other type of blinds. So, it is simpler to select what best suits your room.

Roman blinds are not just use to cover windows but they are also highlighted as an added feature in the home. Thus, they are considered unique in design and at the same time cover your windows from harmful light and noise.

Roman blinds are reasonably priced and yet they add value to the overall beauty and décor of your home. So, if you want to have that style quotient in your home with classic and elegant looking roman blinds, please visit our website https://setrablind.com/roman-shades


Why is it important to have Roller Blinds in your home/office?

Why is it important to have Roller Blinds in your home/office?

Roller blinds are the perfect solutions that can be provided to your windows

One of the most important decor items is to keep blinds in your home. Roller blinds are the perfect solutions that can be provided to your windows. Blinds are truly meant to give the best interior look. They also bring out needs of your home by giving filtered sunlight and at the same time give privacy and darken your sleeping room.  Roller blinds helps in keeping harmful U V rays blocked, thus your furniture and room are protected from harsh rays. During winter time, the blinds will give protection against cold waves by insulating it.

Is noise from outside disturbs you day and night? Especially, if you’re residing near busy highway or market place. Roller blinds are here to reduce that disturbance to a great extent. Your home will be quieter place considering the noises coming from outside and the best available option are to embrace roller blinds to reduce irritating sounds that disturbs you. Simultaneously, these blinds will add décor and are also effective and economical.

It has been noticed that it is the budding students who are most disturbed by the noises coming from outside. Hence, the best solution is to equip your study room or hostel with the roller blinds. It will help in giving proper concentration on studies by making your study room a quieter place.

Roller shades are generally prepared using thick material e.g. fiberglass sheet, bamboo, multi layered plastic or burlap fabric. These different varieties of fabric act as noise reducer in roller blinds. They are available in the market in different shades, design and color. So, it is easy to choose the roller blind that best suits your room décor. They are easy to handle because you can easily operate cord to lift or adjust the setting.


Instead of using out of fashion curtains, roller blinds are the best option for windows that will also add glamour to your home. They look elegant and take very less space. Children need special care and attention. Thus, in children bedroom blackout roller blinds are the best option.

People who work at night need to take good rest during day time. These blinds are best suitable for them. Roller blinds are also very to install. It is not recommended to install vertical blinds in the bathroom as it may interrupt your privacy because they have gap in-between the sill. Water resistant blinds like Water-proof roller blinds are available to protect your bathroom. Before purchasing, you need to consult with the service provider where you want to install blind in your home. Make it clear whether you want to install it in your living room, study room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Consultation will help you in selecting appropriate blind available in the market.

Cleaning the blinds on a regular basis is very important and if you want to clean it by yourself then note that you don’t bend or twist the roller blades. Don’t use hot water or harmful chemicals to wash the blinds. It is recommended feather duster to clean off dust and other impurities from the blind. Now-a-days, cleaning agencies will provide cleaning services at reasonable price. You may contact directly or search over the internet for different services available.

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How to select your favorite curtain accessories

How to select your favorite curtain accessories

Select your favorite curtain accessories

Installing a blind on your window will enhance the outlook of the house. Window shutters are used outside to keep away dust and dirt entering in the house. Curtains are used on the windows to control light, make a style statement and to highlight the interior designing part of the room. Using of creative curtain accessories plays a major role in supplementing beautiful look to your windows.

Floral, plain, colorful, dotted and various types of curtains are available in the market that keeps changing with latest trend. It is very important that your selection should influence the ambience of the room. Curtain accessories will further enumerate style and luxury to your curtains. Three imperative curtain accessories are brackets, curtain poles and tiebacks. Depending on the curtain, accessories will vary in terms of design and looks.

Trendy curtain pole make a curtain looks attractive. A trendy curtain pole will make a great difference to the style of the curtain. If you prefer to have state-of-the-art design then geometrical metal poles looks absolutely great. Traditional look can be attained using large wooden poles with decorative finials. Generally, we move a curtain either with hand or cord. Now, this job is also being done by either pressing button or using remote control. So, in this case it is very crucial to select the best available poles in the market.

If you are looking further to enhance more than belts with tassels and tiebacks give that extra edge to your curtains. Ornate tie backs, plain tassels, intricate fringes and simple braid are different types of tie backs available in the market. It is recommended to use beautiful belts in order to give that elegant look to your curtains. Not doing so may result in giving dull and outdated look. The belts will also be useful in moving the curtains from one end to the other. Tiebacks to an extent may represent aura the room. Using tiebacks, which are rich in color with flashy design or traditionally looking elegant yet simple, depends on your style statement.

The choice may differ depending on the type of room. Kids love cartoon characters so using cartoon images is a good idea in a room for kids. At the same time, a trendy and classy design goes well in a drawing room.

Stylish brackets are available such as metallic and wooden and they come in beautiful colors and helps in leveraging the complete look of your curtain. Selection of a bracket must depend on the type of curtain pole and rod you are using. Mismatch may hamper the look.  So, you need to be very careful here.

Take down the measurement of your windows before you start purchasing curtain accessories because there are different types of models available in the market. Make sure the product you want to purchase should also match your budget. It is advisable to select a product which complements your style statement of your room rather than spending high on something that is not in sync with the interiors. But at the same time, you should not comprise on the quality by purchasing low quality and outdated products. It is very important select the best product that matches your budget and expectations.

Innovative window treatment ideas

Innovative window treatment ideas

A perfectly fitted window allows sunshine and we all want to have that special glitter in our homes. To get creative ideas for impressive window treatments can sometimes be difficult.  It’s a challenging job to find creative window treatments but the best part is you can play up with either old traditional way or some new designs that helps to inspire you. Following tips will not only save your time and budget, but at the same time, you can have the best window treatment in your dream home.

One of the most utilized methods of window treatment is recycling old material at your home. It will save on your budget; you will get a chance to explore your creativity; and that will be matchless because of its uniqueness.  For example, vintage lace table clothes will make beautiful curtain panels and they are sure to give a feeling of time gone by.

We all have old stained lace curtains that are no more in use. Why keep them unused? You can simply utilize them to create an antique look to your home windows. If you like to experience, then the following idea will surely going to amaze you. Take a bucket of 15 liters capacity; add proportionally half boiling water and half hot water into it. Now, dip 35 tea bags into it and once the water turns brownish add your curtain panels in the bucket for nearly 30 hours.  Let them soak in the bucket and occasionally stir it to make sure the stain is applied evenly throughout the curtain.  After thirty hours, take out the curtains from the bucket and put them to drying. Make sure you squeeze out all the water out as much as possible from the curtains before you hang them for drying.

It’s not only the curtains that can be utilized to enhance your window treatments. Blinds are also a good deal to experience with. Old wooden blinds can be fashioned in a great way. If you are internet savvy, then it would be a nice idea to search for old auction wooden blinds. You will get them at discounted price. Various models would be available ranging from vintage venetian blinds to classic wooden blinds.

Decorating your windows with classical wooden finish blinds will definitely add to your style statement. It is always better to do some research in price comparison before you decide to purchase anything online.  No doubt, you are sure to get a fair deal after doing some vigilant research. The purchased items can be painted gracefully to give an impressive look and feel.

There are many options in window treatment and it depends on your creativity. Hanging silk garland over the top of curtain is also a great idea to give that vintage look. This will surely give different look to your room and windows. They come in different designs and colors. These garlands are maintenance free and can easily be hand washed. You can choose whatever suits your sense of style.

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