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A perfectly fitted window allows sunshine and we all want to have that special glitter in our homes. To get creative ideas for impressive window treatments can sometimes be difficult.  It’s a challenging job to find creative window treatments but the best part is you can play up with either old traditional way or some new designs that helps to inspire you. Following tips will not only save your time and budget, but at the same time, you can have the best window treatment in your dream home.

One of the most utilized methods of window treatment is recycling old material at your home. It will save on your budget; you will get a chance to explore your creativity; and that will be matchless because of its uniqueness.  For example, vintage lace table clothes will make beautiful curtain panels and they are sure to give a feeling of time gone by.

We all have old stained lace curtains that are no more in use. Why keep them unused? You can simply utilize them to create an antique look to your home windows. If you like to experience, then the following idea will surely going to amaze you. Take a bucket of 15 liters capacity; add proportionally half boiling water and half hot water into it. Now, dip 35 tea bags into it and once the water turns brownish add your curtain panels in the bucket for nearly 30 hours.  Let them soak in the bucket and occasionally stir it to make sure the stain is applied evenly throughout the curtain.  After thirty hours, take out the curtains from the bucket and put them to drying. Make sure you squeeze out all the water out as much as possible from the curtains before you hang them for drying.

It’s not only the curtains that can be utilized to enhance your window treatments. Blinds are also a good deal to experience with. Old wooden blinds can be fashioned in a great way. If you are internet savvy, then it would be a nice idea to search for old auction wooden blinds. You will get them at discounted price. Various models would be available ranging from vintage venetian blinds to classic wooden blinds.

Decorating your windows with classical wooden finish blinds will definitely add to your style statement. It is always better to do some research in price comparison before you decide to purchase anything online.  No doubt, you are sure to get a fair deal after doing some vigilant research. The purchased items can be painted gracefully to give an impressive look and feel.

There are many options in window treatment and it depends on your creativity. Hanging silk garland over the top of curtain is also a great idea to give that vintage look. This will surely give different look to your room and windows. They come in different designs and colors. These garlands are maintenance free and can easily be hand washed. You can choose whatever suits your sense of style.

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